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Advanced Task Manager 5.6

Advanced Task Manager shows you exactly what is running on your computer
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Advanced Task Manager is a security application intended for Windows users. The application keeps a close look on everything that goes on on your computer. It will monitor tasks and look for processes that are known to be malign. Then, it will allow you to act accordingly. You can stop, pause and quarantine processes. If Advanced Task Manager detects, for example, a virus, it will tell you about it, and you can opt to quarantine the file (process) to prevent it from ever booting up again. Then, you should use an antivirus to scan your computer. Other than process scanning, this application comes built in with other features that have pretty much nothing to do with itself. Advanced Task Manager comes with a web server inbuilt. It can also watch and record everything you type on your computer. It supports most versions of Windows, up to Windows Vista. It will detect both DLL and EXE files that are suspicious or that can be found on security data bases around the Internet. It is not free, but is a nice add-on to provide security in Windows.

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